My dad was a butcher by trade and it is very satisfying to be using his knowledge and resources in my own endeavors.  

All of our meat is held to his standard and it makes us happy to have his legacy live on in us and the meat we produce here

at Healthy Fat Farms.

$3.50 per pound hanging weight


You may order the whole, or just a side (half) or quarter of beef.  A quarter is also referred to as a "split half" in order to evenly divide the cuts received between the back and front halves.  

Our price is based on the hanging weight, which is the weight the butcher provides once the animal has arrived at the locker to hang (or cure, as some say).  

The following chart gives an idea of the process and how many pounds of meat you will actually receive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We are more than happy to help you through the process.

beef cuts from the store CROPPED.jpg
Once you have placed your order for your whole, side (half), or quarter of beef, a cut sheet will need to be completed.  This is where you choose how you want your meat to be cut and which cuts you would like. 
You will be able to choose how thick you would like your steaks cut, how many per package, pounds per roast, and how many pounds of hamburger per package.  Always ask if you want something different or have questions.
sample cut sheet_edited.jpg
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